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Lizzie is out of our last litter, born July 22, 2011. She is the result of our very first 100% in house breeding, meaning that both mom and dad live with us. From 3 weeks of age, I knew that Lizzie was going to be difficult to let go to any other home. Lizzie was the first puppy to climb over the whelping box wall, giving me the idea that agility had to be in her future. Since then Lizzie has proven to be fearless. She has even managed to attempt to hurtle herself from the back of a couch and over a 4 ft high baby gate. Fortunately, I was there when she attempted her grand jump and stopped her half way over the gate. At the NCBCC supported entry in April 2011, Lizzie took BOS in sweeps! Lizzie earned her Novice Jumpers with Weavs title at the 2014 National Specialty. This past winter we decided to let Lizzie be loved by some very dear friends of ours. She is enjoying 3 o'clock naps and will be traveling to FL from time to time..



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Last updated 20-Mar-2015