We are pleased to announce the arrival of 6 beautiful beardie puppies! To learn more visit our Puppies page


We encourage you to look around, get to know our dogs, learn more about the breed and perhaps fall in love with a very animated, loyal and hard working breed of dog.

Having a breeding program was never how we envisioned our lives with our dogs. In the early 90's we got our first Bearded Collie as a pet. Chelsea was the sweetest dog we had ever had. We nick-named her, Nurse Jane FuzzyWuzzy, as she had taken to watching over everyone's aches and pains.

Four years later and after much searching, we had our second beardie join our lives. MidNight, Daybar MidNight Madness, was our introduction to the dog show world and adding a second beardie to the house just felt right. We had heard many beardie people say "beardies are like potato chips, one is just not enough," little did we know how true that statement was.

In the Summer of 1997 Annie, CH Black Friars Anastasia, joined our family and would eventually whelp our first litter. Annie was our first brown beardie and we quickly discovered the difference in personalities between our girls.

After our first litter, we were completely in love with breeding. We love to be part of the entire process from mating to finding our pups forever homes. With every litter we find ourselves amazed as we watch the personalities of each beardie pup develop. We strongly be 04-May-2019 ew families. We strongly discourage anyone from focusing solely on coat color or markings. We feel that the best pup for you will be found be reviewing your lifestyle and the temperaments of the pups. We do not breed often but when we do we enjoy every minute of it.

Last updated 04-May-2019